About Arturo Cuellar, AG ®

Arturo Cuellar, AG ®, is a professional genealogist specialized in Ibero-America genealogy. He has received his accreditation in Mexico research, through the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGen). For over 30 years Arturo Cuellar has been involved in genealogical research. What started out as a hobby developed into a passion and career.  He has traveled the world conducting on-site research in repositories in Mexico, Spain, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, and many other Latin-America repositories. He has successfully helped hundreds of individuals as they work on their own genealogical research and lectured in many cities across North, Central and South America. He has taught Hispanic genealogy classes in places such as Roots Tech (Salt Lake City. UT), BYU Conference on Family History & Genealogy (Provo, UT.), Hispanic Genealogical and Historical Conference (Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and McAllen, TX), Great FamilySearch Conference (Plano, TX), Conferencia Binacional de Historia y Genealogia (Saltillo, Mexico), Jornadas de Genealogia (Arona, Tenerife), and many Hispanic Genealogy Workshops through United States and Latin America.