Why Do I Search?

Genealogy is not just my job. It is my passion for over 30 years. I truly believe that it is my right, my duty (your right, your duty) to know who my/our ancestors are.


Their stories deserve to be known. Many times, their past is our future.

There’s a wide and deep pool of knowledge available to us if we will ask. ASK! Ask our parents their names, their origin, their life story. Who were their parents? Why did they live here? What did they want for us? And their parents? And their parents before them?

One day, hopefully not soon, our own sweet children will close their eyes and die. And with them, so too will our story die. Unless our grandchildren know who we were and know what we believed in. I find these stories fascinating and I want to share them with the world.

My deepest wish is that I can help others find their history. My personal history goes back many, many generations. It is full of love, drama, passion, hate, compassion, adventure, and unexplainable questions. I’ve traveled all over the world gathering information for my own personal history and for others. Now I want to share what I have learned with you.

me (Arturo Cuellar) in the town of Cuellar, Spain


CUELLAR, Segovia. Cuna de los primeros Cuellar que salieron para America, entre otros Juan De Cuellar, quien viajo con Cristobal Colon durante su cuarto viaje en Abril de 1502 y Don Diego Velazquez De Cuellar, conquistador Español, Adelantado y primer gobernador de la isla de Cuba desde 1511.

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